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Customisation - Why is it so important?

We are all aware that despite being Human-beings and sharing some common values in life, we are all individuals with our own unique body-type, skin-tone, beliefs and lifestyle choices.

Therefore its important for us to invest our hard-earned money into something that compliments and caters to our distinct personality.

Similarly every business has its own unique idea, morals and culture. This means even businesses require tailored services or products, and most certainly reliable sources to obtain those services or products.

Its pretty straight-forward - if a business wants to build solid relationships with customers or other businesses, and add value their products or services; they need to focus on their client's individual need.


A study by Deloitte suggests that, on average, in different retail sectors, 36% of consumers would consider buying customized products or services.

1 in 5 of these consumers would be willing to pay 20% more for a personalized or exclusive product!

In addition, 48% of customers would be willing to wait longer for a customized product or service.

This means, that while their personalised product is being created, customers have more time to browse and possibly even generate more sales.

Customisation builds brand loyalty and increases sales; it establishes a connection between the brand and customer by adding a personal touch to the product or service.

In the world of Next-Day Delivery and even Same-Day Delivery, small businesses struggle to compete with bigger brands due to their fast-shipping services and huge marketing budgets.

However, if we go a bit further from fast-fashion brands, into more sustainable ones, we can often see they focus more on making their products and services more unique by offering customisation and excellent customer services.

With consumers gradually being more inclined to consider their individual preferences, over what someone famous or popular is wearing; the demand for customisation has definitely increased.

More and more people are now embracing their body-types and personal sense of fashion that they no-longer wish to invest in something that isn't going to make them feel special.

Also with more consumer awareness, people are now choosing to buy from reliable, ethical and more eco-friendly brands and businesses.

Khan Jackson is already working with some amazing suppliers that are ethical and produce high-quality products.

Our collection, Brit Attire, has beautifully designed products, some of which are hand-made.

There are Jackets made in Italy with Italian Leather, and lots of Bags made with Vegan Leather.

In addition to that we are now creating our New Collection, Insaen Culture, where our products can be fully customised and altered to fit everyone! - Keep an eye on our website www.khanjackson.com for more updates!

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