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At Khan Jackson, we understand the importance of community. We are a family run business, known for creating premium leather garments for over 50 years. We carry the reputation of being a significant force within the local community. 

We champion diversity, inclusion and celebrate different cultures. We are not blissful to the fact we live in a world where sometimes people are not treated as equal due to their race, age, heritage and customs but we acknowledge it is our responsibility to challenge this.  We want to be the leaders to encourage our stakeholders to celebrate differences, challenge the status quo and be as transparent as possible.


It is included within our manifesto that we employ individuals for their extraordinary talent, craftsmanship and the vision to take Khan Jackson to the next level.


We are a community of artists, visionaries and innovators that encourage different ways of thinking and ideas regardless of race, sexual orientation, age, values or norms. To honour our commitment to fight for equality we have implemented many different guidelines and internal policies that equip all stakeholders on social equality. 


Additionally, we are continuously making a conscious effort to represent our values and manifesto through our marketing, branding and within the hiring process.  


Although we are confident that our methods to combat inequality are thoroughly adhered to, we have a zero-tolerance for discrimination and will take appropriate action if necessary.